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Oh look! I caught a Tumbleweed!

Oh look! I caught a Tumbleweed!

Finally I’ve found a moment to update my openSUSE to Tubleweed. Yesterday I made changes to the system as described here. Today I just ran: zypper dup and waited for 2k+ packages to get updated. The whole process took less than an hour and I’m happy with the result. /tangodelta

KDE Wallet – reanimated

Just a short one this time. After my poor OpenSUSE died and got reinstalled the only irritating thing left was the Wallet. It kept raising an error and didn’t accept my password, so I deleted the wallet and created another one, named creds. When I tried to configure my mail agent again, the Wallet system… Continue reading »

What would happen, if your computer blown up NOW?

What would be a really easy day became an exhausting whole day marathon without a guarantee of success. A user reported various problems with her computer account. After doing some short homework I learned that this user had a typo in the account name, that got corrected, but lots of things were screwed up. I’ve… Continue reading »

Trains, trains and IT

You can learn lots of interesting stuff when working in IT. You can lose faith in human intelligence as a whole, or discover a new level of detest for the human race. Also, you can learn more positive things. Let’s consider, what has happened to me just recently. I was waiting for a train, that… Continue reading »

No matter how many times you fall down…

No matter how many times you fall down…

On Friday, a week ago, tragedy struck: my openSUSE 13.2 chocked on something and died beyond repair (not to say my repair skills are so good, they’re not ATM). This happened during an update: the system was installing packages and suddenly Plasma died with KWin in a really ugly manner. After a hard reset I… Continue reading »

passwd – wut?

Me and passwords in a nutshell: I forget a password; I have to perform a reset which means: Doing it myself or; Nagging the tech support, if I cannot do the reset on my own; I create a new password aaaand: At that very moment I remember again the old password. F*** you brain, just… Continue reading »