The power of less

By   2016-03-26

I often tend to find non-standard analogies to the world of technology around me. Because it’s Easter time many people go into the holiday craze and frankly, also tend to go a bit insane. Extreme cases cover such behavior as fighting till first blood for cheese (I hope I’m just making this up) or working the whole day to cleanup the whole house and prepare traditional Polish meals just to end up exhausted and frustrated (I wish I was making this one up as well).

Why? Because Easter. Why? Because “reasons”. Why again? Because maybe many people don’t see any other way. But, not to get sidetracked, I’ll describe what made me make this connection.

I managed to clean up my room in half an hour today and I was proud of myself. Not because it was an insane feat but because it wasn’t. My relatively small room is mostly all I need and it’s perfectly manageable.

And now it becomes more apparent how this ties into IT: it’s enough of a pain to deploy a system, actual management of it consumes most of the time, energy and cost. Let us not forget: some systems require rather lengthy fine tuning after the initial go-live and that may be a whole project on its own.

So, before you get a huge house, think twice: who’s going to clean it up before the Holidays? And fix the pipes. And pay the bills. And…