Trains, trains and IT

By   2015-08-22

You can learn lots of interesting stuff when working in IT. You can lose faith in human intelligence as a whole, or discover a new level of detest for the human race. Also, you can learn more positive things. Let’s consider, what has happened to me just recently.

I was waiting for a train, that was running an hour late (it was about 40 minutes in total, but at that point nobody knew). I was concerned because I had a transfer in another city and I needed to be on time to catch the next train. There was a whole crowd in line to the cashiers, so I had to wait a bit. After a while I learned I had to go to the customer service point in that next city and request a new ticket based on the old one.

Just before me there was this old guy… and now you probably know what I’m going to tell you. The old fart was loud, obnoxious, rude and didn’t spare us the story how he comes to Poland from Canada and this had to happen on that particular time. That’s right old dude, maybe it’s Karma, maybe the Universe is trying to tell you “Stay in Canada, you hairy turd, until you learn some manners!”.

There were about 30 people in the same situation, confused, tired and irritated. Some of them complained, some ran around shouting (they’re excused, because they were, I don’t know, 5-7 years old?). What I did, was to eat a burger (prepared by the skilled hands of a lovely Slavic girl with cute, cute freckles [I’m soooo lucky to be Polish]).

Later I was reading on my smart phone, sitting comfy on the floor when suddenly…

What the fuck am I supposed to do!? Shove my son into the trashcan!?”


Some guy, not the same as described earlier, was in a heated quarrel with, hell, the Universe. But in particular he was attacking the lady behind the glass (hopefully passenger-proof) and cussing like insane. He had the same problem like me, but with a kid involved. I felt sorry for him, up to that point. He was not deterred by the presence of a security guard and continued to shout and swear.

Honestly I felt disgusted and left for the platform. But I’ve met him again, when the security officer was helping with the stroller.

So, what’s the moral of this story?

Shouting on people, who are there to help you is not a way to get help. It gets you nowhere, wastes your time and other passengers‘ time. Not mentioning the personnel, who has tons of other stuff on their hands.

Probably by now you’ve noticed, that this isn’t about trains (although the story is real). It’s about IT support. Shout on your IT crowd, and you’ll lose your accounts, or mailboxes, or something else. You’ll be written off as a moron and looser and a time sink. IT professionals, esp. with more experience know how to identify lost cases. They’d rather get beaten up or swallow a coffin nail than help you.

What the son of that young dude learned? It’s OK to lose your cool in front of 30+ people you don’t know, shout, cuss in front of adolescents (one of them being your child) and then use the help of the security guard you alerted by your bat-shit insane outburst when boarding the train with a stroller. And then complain to Mr. TD that the train company is all evil and screwed you over.

IT is life.