What are achievements?

Mr. TD wants to keep himself motivated, so he decided to implement a system similar to badges used on Steam.


S-sized SPAM — Milestone: Python program that has 10 lines. (2015-09-20)

Double dosage of SPAM — Now he has 2+ *.py modules that exchange information with each other. (2015-09-20)

Victoria — Managed to learn Vi so he could edit 55-libsane.rules and make his scanner work with openSUSE. Then he promtly forgot all about Vi and he’s a happy man again. (2013-03-17)

Nerd-ttrick — He made it to three game events three days in a row. (2012-12-06)

GNU-tastic — Visited Dr. Stallmanns talk during Studenckie Dni Informatyczne. He didn’t get his blessing from Saint IGNUcius because he disappeared right before it was TDs turn in the line. (2013-03-15)

Fluent in brackets — He finished a complete course in HTML/CSS and even went for seconds. (2013-01-26)

A geek’s Half-life — All he needed were sounds to deduce what was happening onscreen when his roommate was playing Half-Life. And he totally nailed what was exactly going on. (2012-12-05)

My heart will always GREP on! — When the built-in GREP in InDesign CS4 decided to show him the finger, he showed GREP he knew how to use Google. (2012)

ALL CAPS — Advanced Adobe InDesign CS4 course: how about composing and publishing his Masters Degree?. (2012-12-10)

Ker n ing — Basic course in Adobe InDesign CS4 completed. (2012-10-31)

Dry sense of humor — He actually was told he deserved a Cup for telling Dry things. (2012)

In progress

M-sized SPAM — Milestone: Python program that has 100 lines.

To Do

L-sized SPAM — Milestone: Python program that has 1000 lines.

Pedantic Python — TD is too lazy for manual cleanups; he’s written a Python program that does this for him.

SPAM (now with 20% less sodium!) — He managed to optimize his code by using profiling.